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“Your approach works as well as anything I’ve seen in my 28 years of observing and trading the markets.  You can quote me on that FWIW.  You know and I know, money management, discipline and practice will make traders winners.”………………DS

“Gail, I must thank you for one thing — tuning me on to the Euro. I have a much easier time interpreting price and volume action in the Euro than I ever did with the S&P, Dow mini and the larger daily range on the Euro makes it much easier to hit a decent daily goal on a consistent basis. I am already a more consistent trader than before, simply for changing markets. The funny thing is that I routinely wake up around 2:30 to 3:00 am anyway, so trading the European market hours work great for me.”…………………David P.

“There is no substitute for trading shoulder-to-shoulder with a very successful, highly experienced trader. You CANNOT  learn trading on your own If you are new to trading, or cannot be consistantly profitable, then you are experiencing what I am talking about.   Gail Mercer is a professional trader and a gifted instructor, teaching simple, yet very profitable trading methods.”…………..Dr. Bruce

” Yesterday I nailed down 140 points on the Euro. I just patiently waited for the trends to develop and had nice low risk entries each time and followed the software and had 140 points of results!!!  I really can’t thank you enough for your time, commitment to education  & consideration- because the time in the room provided a solid foundation as I remembered or think what you might advise in a situation and how you remind us to be patient and wait for the correct setup.  Got another 53 points today!  I really appreciate your help.”…………….Mike P.

“I think the instructions that I have gotten from Gail has been the most valuable I have found yet.  She puts what is important in trading in plain language and hands you the big picture with the right emphasis on what is important. hint, It is not the squiggly lines that will make you money.  She is a real trader.”………..Bryan T.

“Gail internalize her trading/teaching business in such a professional way, that everybody can follow her immediately. She communicates to every trader how she has to handle tick by tick their business. Gail is so close and intimate with the markets – that’s teriffic!”…………..Wepper from Germany


“It’s comforting to know that there is a teacher (a real professional trader!) that I can talk to when I feel unsure about something.”……….Roy

“I wanted to thank you very much for hosting the terrific webinars the last couple of days. You are a great teacher and a kind, patient person and I really appreciate it.”……….Les S.

“I want to thank you for introducing me to the world of currency futures trading.  Trading currency futures/forex is so much easier than the indices I do not understand why people continue to struggle with the ES, YM.  If people want to trade the indices and if I were your firm I would use the TF to show the power of your system not the ES.  At least it trades smoother than the ES.  But this is only my opinion.  I know that Gail tries to get the indices traders to look at the currency futures but they are a stubborn lot.  I have a friend in Portland who I have actually showed him my method of trading the currency futures and the forex.  I even post my trades to him on Skype and he will not change.  So I know that words can fall on deaf ears. Gail is an excellent person to demonstrate trading methods.  She is very professional; takes a lot from the attendees and cares about what she does.  She is a real asset to any trader!!!!”………Larry

Highly recommend attending a seminar to anyone thinking of using Gail’s trading methods. You will learn precise entries and exits. You will also learn how to manage your trades. You will start with traits of a good trader. What constitutes a good trade and lots of info on the indicators. Emphasis on three very good setups that consistently result in profitable, low-risk entry trades. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED”……..Rich J.

“Gail, I have been trading for over 25 years, and attended or purchased a minimum of 15 trading systems or seminars. I can finally say I have something that will consistently work day in and day out. I witnessed a minimum of 20 winning trades throughout the trading day on Monday, 9/19/2011. I will go home with 3 trades that will work. It sounds crazy, 25 to 30 hours to learn 3 trades. Trust me you cannot learn these 3 trades from a manual, a webinar, or by conversation. Gail has given me something that works and yes you will see me in Florida in October for the advanced seminar. Wishing you all the best”………Mitch L.

“Gail, thank you!  Your dedication and patience to make a winning trader out of me (and us) — your ability to make trading simple and clear — is amazing.  Thank you for all your hard work.”……………Gwynn B.

“Gail has a knack for making esoteric, complex and unintelligible concepts easy to understand and apply to make constant profits in the markets; any market on any timeframe.   She emphasizes price, volume, and simple recognizable patters that are repeatable and predictive.  This is the hallmark of a great teacher and the art of the trade.”…………………..Colleen C.

“This is my 2nd seminar!  And I can’t tell you how much I got from it.  The confirmation on new setups that I was learning and the reinforcement to pull it all together.  I am so thankful to be a part of it!  I look forward to the Advanced seminar.  Gail is always creating and finding new ways and working on my personal issues.  Everything that I need to work on to bring my success rate up!”…………Ryan R.

“Great instruction of how indicators work along with preparing your mind prior to trading.  Provided sound foundation of higher timeframe’s impact on price and significance of support and resistance on each.  Excellent technical and after seminar support.”………….Rick E.

“Gail loves to teach, real-time, real-world, what she actually does everyday for her own accounts. Yes, her indicators are extremely good, but she also teaches you the psychology of being a great trader, which includes having a trading plan, rules, and journaling.  Bottom line — no one should trade without her training!”……………..Kent M.

“Loads of great information given followed by bar to bar analysis to begin learning the information.  Very friendly atmosphere to learn in.”…….Ron B.

“Gail, these ADX peak alerts are AWESOME”………Pat R.

“My personal trading experience has been with longer timeframes with options.  Gail’s methodology will sharpen your short game, which will in turn sharpen your long game.  Gail’s honest, simplistic approach is a 100% must for all traders, trading all markets.  She is also a very caring administrator, and offers world class customer support, second to none.  I have examined or tried all the other “Gurus” and “TradersHelpDesk” wins by a country mile!”…………………Pat R.

“Gail, a great seminar.  Good discussion of the material with exercises that teach you to appreciate the method.  They demonstrate your understanding of how to use the indicators and allow you to plan a study program on your own.”……………………………..Larry N.

“Gail,  you lead the pack!  Wonderful seminar.  Teaching the business principles and psychology puts you head and shoulders above the rest of the pack.  And, of course, your methodology is unsurpassed.  Your name should be ACE!”…………..Dave H.

“Gail, thanks again so much for helping me get this far and the promise of accomplishing my long goal of successful trading and earning some addition money.  I was quite emotional during an after the seminar because of Rick’s determination to show us and practice with us everything.. Along with Micah sharing and of course your help.. All the traders attending were a very special group of people.”……………Bill D.

“Gail, Enjoyed the last seminar very much. I hope everyone realizes what all you do for your students. I know I sure do.”…………Dick F.

“Angel, Thank you for your presentation on stock options and for the TradeStation RS, workspaces and trading methodology for options. I found your teaching style to be comprehensive, methodical and detailed.  I look forward to getting it setup and implementing the process you taught in class.”………………….Charles W.

“Gail, I have watched a few of the Advanced Seminar videos already.  As Tony the Tiger says, They’re Great!!!”………………..Ton G.

“Gail, this is almost scary.  I have been practicing what you taught me with volume and I have been profitable for the last 4 weeks.  It’s amazing how doing the same thing everyday actually improved my trading.  It’s almost scary!”…………….Charles W.