What do we do during the live coaching sessions, which are held Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday mornings at 6am New York time? We cover potential setups for that day on futures and forex. Then it is up to the trader whether to trade the underlying instrument, trade binary options or use touch brackets.

While Youtube videos are great and I love them, trading does require more than a 5-minute video or series of 5-minute videos. In addition to gaining knowledge, traders must be able to implement what they learn as the market is moving. Of course, if they are not understanding the technique or concept, then having someone review their analysis is critical. After all, if you are applying the knowledge wrong, then you cannot expect good results.

The first part of this video reviews what happened today on the GBPJPY charts. The second part of the video was the actual live coaching session from this morning at 6:20ish for the GBPJPY. Basically, we expected the GBPJPY to go up to the ATR (red plus sign) on the 15-minute chart, which coincided with the congestion dot on the 5-minute chart and then reverse and go down fifty-eight pips. And, it worked out exactly as we anticipated this morning at 6:20ish New York time.

Although anyone can subscribe to the sessions, it is recommended that you have the indicators for the sessions as that is what is used to identify the trades. The all-inclusive trading membership program includes both the coaching and the indicators for one low yearly fee.

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