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At TradersHelpDesk we help you to:

  • Design a business plan
  • Identify high probability moves within a higher time frame chart
  • Zero down to a lower time frame to trade within that specified price range
  • Use a low risk-high reward entry methodology that protects your capital
  • Focus on buying and selling equities at critical points of support and resistance or when the equity is at an area of overbought or oversold
  • How to then validate the potential price movement by combining volume and price action, with strict implementation of money management rules

In other words, we  specialize in teaching you an “all encompassing” approach to becoming a successful trader.


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The THD indicators combine several core concepts that were originally developed by Richard Wyckoff and Welles Wilder into a comprehensive suite of indicators.  These indicators can:

  • Predict future price movements based on trend strength and momentum
  • Identify overbought and oversold conditions
  • Identify whether the buyers or sellers are weak at critical levels of support and resistance


[wptab name=’Why A THD Education’]

THD is unique in integrating proven business strategies with trading to create a long-term trading business. All of the key business principles used in any successful business provide the foundation for THD trading.  The THD-based business plan outlines your:

  • Income and expenses (wins and losses)
  • Performance reviews
  • Criteria for trade setups
  • Criteria for exiting trades and moving stop
  • Identifies when not to trade
  • Identifies what a low-risk trade entry points are
  • Identifies high risk/low reward trades so you do not take them

As a result, a THD trading business is predictable and consistent. Specific and detailed trading plans instill confidence, discipline, and a restful night’s sleep without trading worries.


[wptab name=’Will I Get Results’]

THD provides the most comprehensive trading education available – intended for serious personal traders.  With THD, you get:

  • An effective trading education
  • Time-tested tools that give you the edge
  • Training to develop an impartial mindset for consistent and profitable results.

Positive results are achieved when students have the time and commitment to complete THD’s successful education program.