Would you like to trade the Nadex 5 minute binaries? In this video, Gail shows you the four trades she did this morning using the GBPUSD forex pair. Three of the trades were profitable and one was a loser. However, since the trade setup uses OTM binary options, the overall profit (based on trading one contract) was $131.25.

Gail Mercer, founder of Traders Help Desk, has four trades using the Nadex 5 minute binaries for the GBPUSD. All four trades use an OTM binary option strategy because it is designed to compensate for any losses. Now here’s the four trades:

  • Trade #1: Trading began with the stochastics oversold and hidden divergence on the lower timeframe. The risk on the trade was $26.50 and the reward was $53.50.
  • Trade #2: As price formed new highs, the stochastics did not. This was the second trade to the short side. The risk was $21.75 and lost.
  • Trade #3: Price retraced to the ATR, which acts as support, and another long was entered. The risk on the third trade was $23. The reward was $57.
  • Trade #4: The last trade was entered after price made new highs and the stochastics did not — providing divergence on the 1 minute with support from the higher timeframe as the stochastics overbought.

Trading Nadex 5 Minute Binaries Profit After 4 Trades: $131.25 (based on trading 1 contract)

GBPUSD Trades Using Binaries

Open your free Nadex demo account. Gail recommends having both a demo account a live account. This way you can compare the two to make sure your strategy works on both live and demo. While OTM binary option strategies do not have a large difference (there are some exceptions like fast moving markets), for traders using Deep in the Money Strategies, the differences can have a larger impact.

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