When is the best time to trade forex, gold, crude or any other futures market that a trader may be interested in? Does Forex markets move the same as futures?  Do the markets move the same amount in May as January? Which months are most volatile?   Which months are the least volatile? Which hour of the day is most volatile? Which hour of the day is the least volatile?

These are questions that I answer in my new report, Market Volatility – An In-depth Study in Market Movement.

This report provides critical information that traders can utilize to identify the timeframes markets are most likely to experience increases or decreases in volatility. By identifying these seasonal patterns that the futures and forex markets present, traders can use my Market Volatility Report to plan different trading strategies for volatile versus non-volatile trading periods.

My extensive research has yielded a methodology for traders to predict “how much” the futures and forex markets will move at any given time – annually, monthly, hourly, and even during the highly volatile market reports. The report also highlights trends in market volatility for both futures and forex markets.

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