Do you need help with determining which market to trade, identifying where to enter a trade, or identifying when to exit your trade? If so, the Trading View Indicators and Coaching special may be just what you need to help you succeed in trading today’s markets.

This special offer includes annual access to all the Traders Help Desk indicators and the charts that Gail uses everyday for determining her entry and exit points, specifically for TradingView.

Also included in the special is annual access to the Live Market Analysis and Coaching session (held Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at 6am New York time) which will show you how to:

  • Read charts using a top-down approach (from largest timeframe to smallest)
  • Determine both trend and counter-trend trades
  • Determine support and resistance on any timeframe
  • Determine what the profit potential is before entering
  • Identify when to enter a trade
  • Identify when to exit a trade for either profit or to minimize a loss
  • Identify both regular and hidden divergence and why they are important
  • Read candlesticks on the live edge of the market
  • Anticipate the next move before it happens
  • Identify price patterns as they are developing

Plus, Gail reviews the different types of markets, different trading methodologies available for today’s traders and why one would choose one over the other, including trading futures, micro futures, forex, Nadex binary options, and Nadex Touch Brackets.

Additionally, Gail teaches you how important it is to treat trading as a business and not an extracurricular activity. She walks you through her process that she uses everyday. In the video below, Gail records her trades in her live account as she is trading the Nadex 5 minute binary options using the same techniques she teaches in the coaching sessions.

Trading 5 Minute Binary Options – Live Account Example

Trading View Indicators and Coaching Session – Example

Our analysis for Wednesday, July 10th with charts:

AUDJPY – Long Profit Potential 25 Pips

TradingView AUDJPY Chart
AUDJPY July 10th Trade Analysis Charts

AUDUSD – Long Profit Potential 37 Pips

TradingView AUDUSD chart
AUDUSD July 10th Trade Analysis Charts

EURJPY – Short Profit Potential 42 Pips

EURJPY TradingView Chart
EURJPY July 10 Trade Analysis Chart

What happened on these three markets?

The AUDJPY, it moved up 18 pips, then retested and continued up. Using a daily binary option was not feasible as the risk was to high but a forex trader could have traded it with minimal risk.

The AUDUSD, it moved up 61 pips. The trader could have chosen the Aussie future contract, forex contract, binary option, call spread, or a touch bracket to trade this move.

The EURJPY moved down 48 pips. The trader could have chosen the forex contract, binary option, or call spread to trade this move.

Trading View Trade Analysis Results Charts
Trade Analysis Results Charts

I am really enjoying and benefiting from these daily coaching sessions.I think I have a better understanding of multiple time frames along with their relative support and resistance levels now then I’ve had trying to figure it out on my own.


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