Trading Indicators for NinjaTrader, TradeStation and MultichartsTrading Indicators F.A.Q.

We have composed a list of Trading Indicators and Platforms “Frequently Asked Questions” regarding our indicators for Ninjatrader, TradeStation and Multicharts.  Click on any of the questions to expand.

Questions on trading indicators for TradeStation

Where do I find my TradeStation Customer Number?

In TradeStation, click Help, About TradeStation and in the lower box is your TradeStation Customer Number.

Questions on trading indicators for NinjaTrader

Indicators for NinjaTrader:  Where do I find my NinjaTrader MachineID?

In the NinjaTrader Control Panel, click Help, About and your MachineID will be displayed in the box. Simply copy (CTRL + C) and paste (CTRL + V) in an email and send to us.

Miscellaneous Questions on Trading Indicators, Timeframes, and Platforms

Which charting platform do you prefer?

TradersHelpDesk only supports the industry leading platforms which are NinjaTrader, Tradestation and MultiCharts.  I began my professional trading career with Tradestation and have perfected my skills with both Tradestation and NinjaTrader.  We utilize both platforms on a daily basis in our free live trading room. However,  I am finding what NinjaTrader does to display volume components is amazing and I find myself relying on it more now because of the volume aspect.

What is your winning percentage using your trading indicators?

Although I could give you my winning percentage, it would be misleading so I opt not to. In order to achieve my winning percentage, you would need not only my brain and interpretation of the price bars, but also my personality. This is also evident in other THD Traders. I have traders who have winning percentages of more than 80% and others that are at 40%. The difference is in experience, application, and personalities. The ones that have the highest percentage took my methodology and made it their own — they don’t just enter because the color is blue or red. Instead, like most great professionals, they think and interpret based on their own unique skills and abilities.

If I buy your trading indicators and education, will I become successful?

It really depends on you. I give you the tools and knowledge to build your skills — the rest is up to you. Does every medical student or law student become a great doctor or lawyer? No, some become great doctors and attorneys, while others are mediocre. The same applies with becoming a trader. Your success is dependent on you and how much you put into it on a personal and business level.

What timeframe is the best for trading indicators?

There are no magical timeframes. If you have to pay a “spread”, then you do need to increase your timeframe to compensate for the additional spread expense. A great example of this concept are the Forex and Stock markets. They both have spreads so I increase my timeframes to at least a 5/15/60 minute time combination. Other than that, your timeframe is more dependent on your personality than anything else.

I need to know when my price bar will complete and my attention span is typically about 3 minutes. This is why I use the 3/12/45 minute timeframe. Perhaps you need more time to analyze the charts. If so, you would increase the timeframe to allocate the time to analyze your charts before making a decision. Additionally, if you are using volume and I highly encourage you to do so, then you will want to use time based charts. The reason is simple — I believe time based charts give you a more accurate picture when reading volume. Tick charts limit the amount of volume that can be shown in any particular bar, ie after 540 price movements (ticks) a new bar will appear (this will limit the amount of volume that can potentially go into any one bar).

If you have any questions on the trading indicators for NinjaTrader, Multicharts or Tradestation, please email Gail and she will be happy to respond.