The TradersHelpDesk indicators provide you with cutting edge technology to identify when buyers or sellers are secretly stepping into at an area of support or resistance.  Our proprietary indicators for TradeStation, Multicharts, and NinjaTrader identify when the volume momentum shifts from buying to selling or from selling to buying, your lowest point of risk (which is always at an area of support or resistance) plus the indicators easily identifies the trade entry by changing either displaying a blue or red dot, plus traders can set the price bar to change colors whenever price is close enough to the ATR (average true range stop).  And we identify when the markets are either overbought or oversold using our modified ADX, Stochastics, and RSI indicators.

Basic Entry

The basic entry is very simple — wait for price to approach the ATR.  Then look for confirmation that price will go in your direction — this can be revealed by hidden divergence on the Stochastics and/or volume divergence indicating that either the buyers (for short entry) are drying up or the sellers are drying up for a long entry.  Since Gail has designed alerts for the when price is at an ATR, monitoring multiple markets and timeframes is easy with the scanner type programs that are available in Tradestation, Multicharts, and NinjaTrader.

Training is Included in the Silver and Diamond Packages


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