Trading Frequently Asked Questions

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Traders often send me questions about the markets or issues they are having. Below is the list of the most frequently asked questions that I have received. If you have an additional question, use the Contact option to send me your question.

TradingView, in my opinion, has the easiest platform to use, you stay updated on all the tools (no more removing and installing), it goes with you (provided you have a smartphone or tablet) and you can use exactly the same charts that I do. While it may have some limitations, the ease of use and ability to trade from anywhere without lugging around a laptop, makes it the most appealing platform.

Learning to trade efficiently and profitable takes time. How much time is really dependent on how you approach trading. If you treat it as a sport or hobby, then it may take years. If you approach it like you are opening a new business then you can usually plan on a minimum of one year before going live.

Trading takes multiple skills and strategy. A great football or basketball player is not great overnight but develops their skills and strategy over time. The same is true for profitable traders. Instead of rushing to get to live, take your time and develop each skill that you need to succeed.

Risk to reward is important because all traders, including myself, will have losing trades. The key is will one losing trade knock all “X” amount of your winners or will it only take a small portion of the profit you have already made. A trader with a winning percentage of only 45% can still be profitable, provided their risk is lower than their achieved profits. Or a trader with a winning percentage of 80% could still have a losing month because they are using an inverse risk to reward ratio. It’s all about numbers.

I trade futures, Nadex binary options, Nadex touch brackets, stocks and options. When the futures markets are extremely volatile, I typically opt to use the Nadex touch brackets because they provide a limited risk opportunity. I only trade Nadex binary options and touch brackets on forex now because, since regulations changed after the Swiss Bank fiasco, there are very limited forex brokers in the US. I have long term stocks that I am in and I do like the weekly stock options because they suit my personality better than the longer-term stock options. However, all my entries use the same criteria because a chart is a chart.

I trade when the markets present an opportunity. I do not trade just because I’m a trader and I need to be in the market. I have found the fewer trades I take per week, the more profitable I am as a trader. That means I need something to fill my time with and I choose to do it with TradersHelpDesk. In general, I trade on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday mornings. The remainder of my time is devoted to TradersHelpDesk and my grandchildren.

I mainly use a demo mode for training and webinars because I’m teaching. I have several videos on youtube that show me trading my live account. However, if I am trading my live account while teaching, then I’m focused on my trade and not on providing quality education.

Also, when trading live, with students in a demo mode, prices can be different. This causes confusion for students learning.

By being in a demo mode environment, this prevents any legal claims from someone being in the room and claiming I “made” them lose money because their risk appetite was different from mine or they took my entry as a “trade recommendation”. A good legal offense can prevent legal issues later.

There are quite a few reasons I have opted to go with the all-inclusive trading membership.

  • Traders need more education than they realize. While some companies entice you in by using a low cost webinar to get you in the door, I would rather use the all-inclusive membership package so you know exactly what you will spend for the next year. Then it is up to you whether you continue or not.
  • The all-inclusive trading membership prevents having to buy my next indicator (most of which are developed to help you see the patterns better). Again, before you ever sign-up you know exactly what the cost is for the next year.
  • Because the all-inclusive trading membership includes everything, I don’t have to keep track of who bought what and when. As long as you are a member, you have access to everything I offer.
  • Experienced traders that understand and have been using the standard ADX, RSI and Stochastics can subscribe to the indicators only by sending me an email using the Contact Form.

The live coaching sessions are currently held on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at 6am New York time.

Yes, all indicators are lagging unless you incorporate price analysis with reading the indicator. This is why I stress the importance or learning to use price analysis in combination with indicators.

My winning percentage is sufficient to pay my monthly bills and still allocate money for my retirement. Additionally, I was able to send four of my children through college.

Other than that, my winning percentage has no effect on how well you will do with the indicators or educational program. Why? Because yours will be different based on your approach to trading and how well you are able to maintain discipline, control your emotional impulses, implement both money and trade management.

My preferred trading platform is TradingView. It’s simple to use, always maintains the current version of the indicators, and I can bring up my charts from anywhere in the world without having to lug around a laptop. If I’m at the doctor’s office with my mother, I can bring up my trades on either my iPhone or iPad — that makes all the difference in the world to me.

Volume analysis is complicated and I have found that I can read the same information within a candlestick pattern with my own indicators. Why complicate my entry or exit when I can get the same results using a simpler method that is portable (like TradingView charts)? Volume analysis provided a deeper insight into the market process but once I truly understood it, then it was just a matter of watching it unfold using candlesticks charts with my other indicators.

Over the years, I have used all types of charts – range, volume, tick, minute, and even point and figure. Every charting type has advantages and disadvantages. I have found that minute charts work for me because I am very time-oriented. I need to know exactly how much time I have before the next bar starts. The other more advanced types (like ticks, range, or point and figure) have no time span so you have no idea when the next bar will start, which is a detriment for time-oriented traders, like myself.

Additionally, instead of just “following what everyone else does”, I make my trading about what is best for me.

I have been trading for over fifteen years. I started out trading forex at night and eventually, it became my full-time job. I currently trade the emini futures (love the emini Dow Jones and Nasdaq), stocks, weekly options, and Nadex binary options and touch brackets.

I don’t offer trials because I give you the option of a free webinar so you can evaluate both the indicators and my educational skills typically every Monday morning at 8 am New York time. I also have hundreds of videos on Youtube that you can view.

Additionally, I feel that traders who request trials are looking for “that magical indicator” that will make them successful. While indicators can help you strategize your entry or exit better, it will not make you successful. Traders that are focusing on finding the holy grail indicator package, are typically not far enough along in their journey to benefit from the all-inclusive trading package.

As I have said before and will continue to say, “It is your approach to trading that will make the biggest difference”.

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