TradersHelpDesk Trading VideosWe have an abundance of TradersHelpDesk trading videos.  These short videos reveal how to manage a trade, how to overcome the most critical trading psychology issues, and how to use the TradersHelpDesk indicators.

TradersHelpDesk Trading Videos

All of our videos are shown on the TradersHelpDesk blog.  Gail typically records at least one or two videos each week of trades that show the power of the TradersHelpDesk indicators and trading skills that help traders identify the best entry and exit points using futures, forex, stocks, commodities and binary options.  The videos show you how to use the indicators and build skills.  Some of the videos we have on the blog show how to use the:

  • Trend ATR indicator
  • ADX
  • Directional Volume
  • Volume Divergence indicators for TradeStation and Multicharts
  • Stochastic Support and Resistance
  • Congestion Zones for NinjaTrader
  • RSI and Multidata RSI
  • TradeStation RadarScreen
  • Multicharts Scanner
  • NinjaTrader Marke Analyzer
  • Volume Divergence indicators
  • Divergence concepts
  • Reading volume concepts

Additionally, the blog also has articles on developing your trading business plan, how to overcome the psychological issues that all traders face, and recordings of the free live training room that are held during the week.

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