Unlocking the Power Within - Negative Core BeliefsThe “Unlocking the Power Within:  Overcoming Negative Core Beliefs in Trading” video course reveals how traders can overcome the tendencies to allow their negative core beliefs to sabotage their trading success.  Unfortunately all traders suffer from these negative core beliefs and until they are overcome, traders will continue in a vicious circle where they make money and then immediately give it back to the markets.

Our brain is designed to protect us.  Unfortunately, this can be a huge obstacle for traders.  Instead of using the logical side to overcome these negative beliefs, traders tend to approach it with “fly by the seat of their pants” approach.  This only creates more issues.

Overcoming Negative Core Beliefs in Trading

You can overcome negative beliefs — it simply takes practice and time to develop new habits.   First, you have to change your internal conversations, which then changes your external conversations, which in turn changes your future because the combination changes your belief system.

In this live event recording, Gail walks you through each step to make you see how your thoughts and beliefs are affecting your trading.  Then she shows you how to change it — one small step at a time.

A very powerful course for traders that want to change their path in trading.