Trading PTrading Price Bars - A Guide to Understandingrice Bars – A Guide to Understanding video course reveals the most important type of price bars that traders need to know.  These price bar patterns typically identify where the next move will be. They can be used on intraday timeframes as well as longer term timeframes.

Trading Price Bars – A Guide to Understanding

Price bars, which are based on the actual price movement of a market, reveal where a market is likely to go in the future.  While most trading indicators are based on price action, the lag is created by using a mathematical calculation of prior price bars.  The most important ones, are the price bars on the live edge.

In this video tutorial, Gail Mercer, Founder of TradersHelpDesk, reviews the types of price bars that she looks for entries and exits.  Then Gail reviews charts that show the price patterns as they will appear on the live edge.  Trading price bars are as simple as looking for specific price patterns that show either a weakness or strength.  This weakness or strength, as the case may be, can reveal where price is most likely to go in the very near future.

Gail also shows examples of combining the power of trading price bars with support and resistance, ie pivot levels, to determine whether price will continue up or go down.