Support and ResistanceSupport and Resistance create what others refer to as market waves that create tops and bottoms for all markets and all time frames.   In other words, price moves up until resistance is found and then it moves down until it forms support.  It continues this pattern over and over again.

Unlocking the Power of Support and Resistance Online Course

In this course, Gail reveals the extraordinary power of support and resistance — from moving averages to pivot lines to Fibonacci concepts.  As she demonstrates in this video, there is no right or wrong support and resistance.  Instead, it is understanding where price is likely to go and why it will go there.  Gail teaches you how to identify where price will test before continuing along it’s path and how to identify when the trend is in trouble.

These techniques can be used on both intraday and longer-term charts.   The technique also works on futures, forex, and stocks because it is a derivative or price, which is what all traders are trading.

Then she combines key reversal bars with the concept of support and resistance to formulate an easy trading plan that anyone can replicate.  By applying a trading plan for consistency, you can measure your progress over time.