psychology for tradersThese Psychology for Traders videos are a “must have” for identifying and overcoming psychological issues in trading.  Originally part of the Cumulative Delta Video Series, these videos reveal the core psychological issues that all traders face when they come into trading and, more importantly, show traders how to develop their game plan for success.

There are 3 videos (about 45 minutes each) that teach you what it takes to become successful.

Trading Psychology for Traders Video Series

The videos cover the following topics:

  • What type of trader are you?
  • Why are you trading?
  • Who are you trading against?
  • What must you do to realize victory?
  • How to define a trading plan with INTENT?
  • How to visualize success.
  • Define what success is for you and how to focus for success.
  • Create a game plan that enables you to win.
  • How to define your goals.

The last video guides you for the first 30 days with specific actions that you must commit to and follow for a full 30 day period to realize results in your trading.