I’m not sure you can even get to reading all your emails, as you are quite successful. However, I just wanted to tell you that I follow your Blog, have purchased and carefully studied your book as well as many of your live trading videos. Most don’t go after trading with the right work ethic, or understand what it really takes to be successful. I have been self studying and working on my business plan in trading for almost 2 years. (My trading plan is finally complete, fully tested and I started trading it last week).

Much of what you teach, I have used in some way in my final tested plan. My winning percentages have been great, but should they not sustain well over time, you ARE the Mentor I have in my back pocket to hire to improve that. What you do makes more sense than absolutely anything else I’ve EVER read or studied. And I’ve really done my homework here. Trading with Volume analysis is by far the only true “market intuitive” approach! And you are most definitely the Queen of mastering this and also at helping your students grasp it on a step by step basis.

Even if I never end up working with you directly or doing your Seminars, I will recommend you to other serious traders who ask. Keep up the good work!! We love you!