Price Volume Analysis – Easy-to-follow Explanation

Understanding how to trade price volume analysis in forex, futures, and commodities, as well as how volume affects price movement, is critical for any trader in today’s volatile markets. Although many experts have stated volume is a leading indicator, few can offer you a simple and effective method for applying it to your trading. Gail Mercer has successfully weathered the trial and error process to reach the understanding that volume must be combined with divergence to truly be a leading indicator of price action.

I have a long way to go to fully understand, but the volume aspect along with price displays when people are “moving” contracts as we use to be able to see or feel on the floor.  You can watch open interest to perhaps see the same thing in futures, but I really like what I see.  I would be so lost not sitting through this seminar as it really helps explain them and what you are doing.  Excellent job………….DS

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price volume analysis