Nadex Touch Brackets on US Indices Today Provides Profits

The Nadex touch brackets on the US indices provides profits today in this downward move. The higher time frame charts indicated that a resistance area had formed on both the Dow Jones and the Nasdaq. The most likely path would be for the indices to move down after the opening. The key was allowing room for price to move without strangling the trade.

As seen on the charts below, a short trade was initiated on both markets. The dark red line highlights the ceiling price. The bright red line indicates the entry price. The green line indicates the floor price.

YM touch bracket
mini Dow Jones
Nasdaq Touch Brackets
eMini Nasdaq

By 1:00 pm New York time, both trades were closed. The Nasdaq made the full profit potential and the Dow Jones was exited at 26730 (price was at a potential support area and I did not want to risk any profits).

NQ Trade
YM Trade

Of course, if you were at the Monday webinar, I did advise that I thought the markets would retrace upward on Monday but the bigger move would be to the downside. I prefer capturing the bigger moves versus trading smaller retracements in these scenarios. If you missed the webinar on Monday, then you watch it online by clicking here.

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