“Hi Gail and Rick,

Although what I am about to share with you is very old hat to you both, I thought you would like to know I am actually making progress. Last night I scanned for divergence on daily stocks. I picked six and set up my screen with six 5 minute charts. This morning I waited for red dots on the three RSI charts AND volume divergence. Spotting one, I then entered a 1 stop/2 limit OSO for the first time! I made the first limit and reset my stop to break even on the second set. When the stock came back down near the limit I sold for no loss on the second half of my entry (almost exactly as one of Gail’s videos went in the mentoring program!)

So – I made a profit and am now resting on my laurels.

What is strange is the flat on the second result doesn’t bother me a bit. For the first time it wasn’t about money … it was about making a good trade with good decisions.

Thanks – couldn’t have done it without you.