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Emotional Issues

As a trader, you will face many hurdles including emotional and psychological issues. The best strategy is to plan your offense early and that is exactly what we teach you. Then when these trading “demons” pop-up, you can identify the issue and, since you have a course of action, you can minimize the potential damage they can cause.


Technical Analysis

While it is recommended that you have the TradersHelpDesk’s indicators, some traders prefer to start with the basics – price action. Our coaching sessions focus on price action, day in and day out, because it is the most important technical analysis technique on your chart. Regardless of whether you have the THD indicators, you will learn many technical analysis techniques.



You will need to become a management expert for trading. Account management prevents you from every exposing to much of your account on any given trade. Risk management ensures that you are skewing the odds in your favor. And, finally, trade management means you are doing your job as a trader by taking profits when they are offered.

TradersHelpDesk educates traders on using strategy to profit in today's forex and futures markets

Trade Strategy Techniques

  • Beginning with basic technical analysis, we teach you how to interpret price bars and identify clues on market direction.
  • We show you how to develop a basic trading plan for entering and exiting a trade.
  • We teach you how to execute trades based on money manage, risk to reward, and profit expectations.
  • We encourage you to maintain a trading log and journal so you can review your results at the end of the week, month, and year.

Included in the sessions are daily worksheets for determining the best markets to trade, with expectations, and market preferences. While it is recommended that you complete the worksheets first and then review Gail’s to see what you missed (which are sent to your inbox Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday mornings).

Additionally, there are daily sessions, beginning at 6am New York time, on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. The sessions are recorded and posted online so you can review the concepts that you are struggling with.

Coaching Membership $995 p/yr

That’s over 250 hours of live coaching for less than $4 per hour!

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