Learning how to trade takes practice, preferably with an experienced mentor, who can guide you the right way. Gail has more than 15 years of analyzing charts and, what comes naturally to her, may not come as easy for you as a new or even experienced trader. Gail is now offering coaching sessions for traders three days a week on the live edge of the market.

Although attending a seminar or working through on-demand courses, may provide you with a lot of market knowledge, it is useless unless you have access to guided practice sessions to ensure that you analyzing the markets correctly. Plus, markets tend to move slightly different depending on many factors, including support, resistance, over-extensions, and price patterns. The best way for applying all the concepts and techniques used for trading is a combined approach combining on-demand courses with guided practice.

Gail has developed a procedure that analyzes higher time frames first to ascertain the best market to trade. She then shows traders how to go down in time, with a bias, and confirm the trade entry. This method can be used for trading futures, forex, stocks, binary options, and, her favorite, the Nadex Touch Brackets.

The Live Market Analysis and Coaching for Traders sessions guide traders in utilizing the best approach for:

  • Analyzing futures and forex
  • Identifying direction (bias)
  • Identifying trade setup
  • Entering a trade
  • Setting an objective for profit taking
  • Managing the trade for the duration

Included in the sessions are daily worksheets for determining the best markets to trade, with expectations, and market preferences. While it is recommended that you complete the worksheets first and then review Gail’s to see what you missed (which are sent to your inbox Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday mornings).

Additionally, there are daily sessions, beginning at 6am New York time, on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. The sessions are recorded and posted online so you can review the concepts that you are struggling with.

Gail’s Coaching for Traders Includes:

  • Candlesticks and price patterns correctly
  • Learning to identify price patterns on the live edge of the market and then how to trade them
  • Interpreting indicators on the live edge instead of in hindsight
  • How to analyze any market utilizing a top down approach
  • How to identify where the trade will appear
  • How to identify where to exit
  • How to successfully use all the platform options
  • How to determine if the market is overprice or underpriced
  • Which is better to trade, the underlying, the binary or the touch bracket
  • How to manage your trade once you are in
  • Plus, how to overcome the psychological issues that will prevent you from being successful

Annual Subscription – $995

That’s over 250 hours of live coaching for less than $4 per hour!

Please note there are no trials available.