You are a God Send to Traders!

Hi Gail,

I would like to give some feedback on 2 things you’ve taught me that really helps me be on the right side of the trade.  To start, everything you teach is needed to become a solid trader.  You are really a God Send to many of us that have the burning desire to reach our goals in the trading world.  Now that I’m feeling more comfortable with watching all timeframes and seeing if I’m in tune with the charts that day, I’m always watching for Wyckoff Springs and Upthrusts.

It is amazing how they help me to wait for pulling the trigger for a possible trading I’m watching for.  When I first learned them from Mastering Your Trades, I got a little too quick on the draw with what they were about for me.  Not today, now they have become two of my best friends, both for sitting on my hands and for pulling the trigger for a trade.

Just one of the many things that’s helping me see the light better.  Profitable trading Gail!

Thank you,