Free Day Trading VideosFree Day Trading videos are designed to give a brief overview of the THD indicators for NinjaTrader, TradeStation, and Multicharts including the ADX indicator, the Trend Average True Range Stop Loss indicator and our Directional Volume indicator.  The  free day trading videos also show you how to incorporate the THD trade setups and exit strategies that we use in our free live trading room.

Free Day Trading Videos and Tutorials

We offer free day trading videos and tutorials on volume price analysis, stock scanning, and how you can incorporate the THD indicators with volume price analysis to identify where price will retrace and where it will retrace to.  These videos include how to trade Stocks & Options, using the ADX indicator, using the Trend Average True Range Stop Loss indicator, trading binary options, and how to use the Directional Volume indicator to identify low risk, high reward opportunities on the live edge of the market.

Additionally, if you are on our mailing lists, Gail periodically does free webinars for you to observe the indicators on the live edge of the market using the indicators and strategies based on volume analysis, ADX, ATR, and support and resistance.  The new ADX and ATR strategies will be released early in 2016 for TradeStation, NinjaTrader and Multicharts and show you how to incorporate higher timeframes with a lower timeframe entry when day trading the futures, forex or binary options markets.  The strategies use the proprietary algorithms designed in the Trend ATR and ADX indicators to either trend or counter trend trade the futures and forex markets.  Using the ATR, which gives us the lowest point of risk, traders can then utilize the more aggressive stop in the strategy to increase their risk to reward ratios.

To view our free day trading videos, visit our blog by clicking here.