“I want to thank you for introducing me to the world of currency futures trading.  Trading currency futures/forex is so much easier than the indices I do not understand why people continue to struggle with the ES, YM.  If people want to trade the indices and if I were your firm I would use the TF to show the power of your system not the ES.  At least it trades smoother than the ES.  But this is only my opinion.  I know that Gail tries to get the indices traders to look at the currency futures but they are a stubborn lot.  I have a friend in Portland who I have actually showed him my method of trading the currency futures and the forex.  I even post my trades to him on Skype and he will not change.  So I know that words can fall on deaf ears. Gail is an excellent person to demonstrate trading methods.  She is very professional; takes a lot from the attendees and cares about what she does.  She is a real asset to any trader!!!!”………Larry