Designing a Trading PlanDesigning a trading plan can be very daunting for traders (especially new beginning traders) regardless of whether trading futures, forex, binary options or stock options. Of course, having a trading plan is also critical to becoming successful because it provides a way to replicate profitable trades.  Regardless of whether you are trading complex algorithmic indicators or just beginning, Gail walks you through the processes for designing your trading plan.

Designing a Trading Plan – Live Training Event

In this live training event, Gail will show you:

  • Why a trading plan is critical for your trading success
  • How to create a plan that you can follow based on your own trading knowledge
  • How to implement the trading plan in both demo and live mode
  • How to incorporate money management within your trading plan to prevent you from blowing an account
  • How to incorporate specific criteria for entering, exiting and managing a trade
  • Provide you with a template for you to create your trading plan


May 4th at 1pm New York time