There may be differences when trading the Nadex 5 minute binaries depending on whether you are trading in the demo vs live environment. The reason there are differences is that the demo environment uses one market maker while the live environment uses multiple market makers.

What are some of the differences? There are differences in the bid/ask prices (especially during volatile periods) and there are differences in available strikes, especially if you are trading the deep in the money strikes. While you may be able to enter in the demo environment for $80 in risk, it may not be available for that price in the live environment. Additionally, you may be testing your strategy using 20 contracts but the live account may not support 20 contracts in size.

Nadex 5 Minute Binaries: Demo vs Live

In order to test your strategy, you should have both a demo account and live account. You can open a live account with as little as $250.

In this video, Gail Mercer, founder of Traders Help Desk, reviews how you can compare both the Nadex demo and live account by using two different browser applications (ie Mozilla and Chrome).

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