With so many Youtube videos available for free, what kind of difference does live coaching make for traders in today’s markets? First, trading is not so simple that it can be taught in a 5-minute video. Trading involves a lot of different skills and disciplines. Second, even if you gain the knowledge, implementing it on the live edge (with the market moving) can be a daunting task. Of course, that is one of the most important aspects of these sessions — the ability to ask someone who has been doing it for years to review what you are doing to make sure your analysis is correct.

Although we went over a lot of markets this morning, like anticipating a bigger move on the futures would be to the downside, the video below shows the analysis of the GBPJPY, after a client asked Gail to analyze the charts.

The first portion of the video shows what the market did afterward the session ended and the later portion shows what was going on around 6:20ish New York time when the analysis was done (all the live coaching sessions are recorded so clients can review them as much as they need to).

Results from This Morning

Although anyone can subscribe to the sessions, it is recommended that you have the indicators for the sessions as that is what is used to identify the trades. The all-inclusive trading membership program includes both the coaching and the indicators for one low yearly fee.