In an earlier post, Gail explained that she stopped the binary signals today because a series of losses would likely being coming in.  Why?  Because the higher timeframes, which she monitors, indicated the retracements were highly likely (using the TradershelpDesk indicators for filtering overbought and oversold areas).

What Happened After Gail Stopped the Binary Signals

As discussed in previous posts, by 10am there had been a total of eight signals issued (2 during Asia, 5 during London and 1 during the US session.)  All 8 signals expired in the money using the Nadex binary option model.  With both the 60 minute and 240 minute charts showing over-extended conditions, Gail opted to stop all signals and let the market retrace.

In this video, Gail shows what happened after she stopped the binary signals today at 10:00 am.

Instead of having a winning percentage of 100%, the day would have ended at 64.29% (nine winners and five losers).