Corn and Wheat tradesWhat happened on the Corn and Wheat trades this week?

Results of Corn and Wheat Trades

As you know, this past week in the free live trading room, we had two special guests.  Rick Fraenkel, our Futures trader, and Micah Palmer, our Commodities trader.  On Tuesday, Rick and Gail explained a trade setup that was coming in on Gold, using the 180 minute chart.  The trade came in a little after noon and the profit on that trade, using the THD methodology was 100 ticks.  Then on Thursday, Micah and Gail talked solely about wheat, corn and soybeans.  Specifically, we identified that there was a pattern on both which indicated that both would go down, as long as the pattern held at the close of the market.  The price pattern held and, anyone that followed the trade on Friday, made at least Clipper 1 on each market, using the 45 minute chart for entry.

corn and wheat tradesWhile we could tell everyone that the THD indicators will instantly make you money, the fact is that it takes a lot of studying to identify these trade setups.  First, you have to know the color scheme of THD to understand what the indicators are telling you.  And, you have to understand volume analysis and divergence so that you can identify the low risk, high probability setups, you need sound money management rules, understand how risk to reward can work in  your favor, and you have to think like a trader.

We do not offer “quick fixes” or instant gratification methodologies.  We offer quality education and support, not just during your purchase but throughout your journey.  We teach you to read your charts and indicators, so you understand what is going on behind the scenes.  We teach you that patience brings rewards — by waiting on your higher timeframes to align, you have a higher probability than if you only use one timeframe.  We support you as you are trying to learn new markets, multiple timeframes, and new tools.

Yes, we understand that everyone is into education now.  But what is the difference?  While others try to see how many participants they can get into a room, we do very small groups — less than 15, typically.  Why?  Because effective teaching recommendations show that smaller classes, especially for more mature adults, are more effective than larger classrooms.  We give you access to the seminar or webinar videos for 30 days after the event.  This allows you time to review and digest the information taught.  We offer time to practice what we teach on the live edge, during the seminars, so that you have an experienced trader by your side, to ask questions and review the rules.  Then we give you quizzes that reinforce the concepts you learn (hearing a concept and applying a concept is totally different).

Does our approach work? Well, the following is an email that we received from a participant in the Master the Trade and Volume Analysis webinars, over the summer.  Decide for yourself.

“Hey GM!

Loving the new website and blog.  Still working my trades – had a great qqq option trade (a new dimension for me) over the last couple days short (go check the MP we had back on 8/23 on the daily chart confirmed with the 180 chart on 8/27 IH and close down).  If you ever do an options seminar, I AM IN.

Anyway, the NQ and EU futures are still my bread and butter.  The methodology works flawlessly.  Feel like I am staying patient and letting all my timeframes align and it has worked out great.

Thanks again,