Using the TradersHelpDesk ADX indicator as a leading indicator to identify when price will retrace resulted in profits on the DAX this morning.

ADX Indicator as a Leading Indicator

After the 6am expiration on the Nadex Binary Option on the FDAX, the ADX indicator indicated that the high would be retested on the 12 minute chart.    The Nadex Binary Option offered a strike price at 10026, which was below the high that would be retested and volume showed that sellers were not interested in taking price to the ATR.  So I entered a long position at the strike price 10026 at a cost of $42.

ADX Indicator as a Leading Indicator

Although I am in two other positions, the image below shows the entry on the FDAX.

Open Positions in Nadex Binary Options Using the ADX Indicator

At 7am, the option expired higher than the 10026 so I was able to collect the full premium or $58 per contract.

FDAX ExpirationSince both the Directional Volume and the ADX indicator are leading, this allowed me to trade with a lower risk and higher reward.