The difference with subscribing to the signals and using OTM binaries with indicators is really clear this morning.  Although the signals did not provide any trades, if using the indicators, then traders had great opportunities.

Using OTM Binaries with Indicators

In these examples, the daily chart indicated the markets were oversold and the ADX magenta peaks were appearing.  The peak indicates that price would retrace back to the ATR on the daily chart.

EURUSD Daily chart

EURJPY Daily Chart

More likely than not, price was going up and I had already traded the overbought status (down to the ATR on the 30 minute chart).  Now I went long — but the signals were not generated because the higher timeframe was overextended.  This is normal when there are magenta peaks on daily charts.

Here are the trades I had and the profit targets I set on entry (check mark means the target was hit):

Using OTM binaries with indicators

Notice that all the average prices (entry price) are under $25.  This is where I can increase my risk to reward ratio by using OTM binaries because the indicators show clearly where price is likely to go.

However, you have to learn to read the charts and indicators.  Of course, the Diamond Package includes 10 hours of one-on-one coaching.  Or if you don’t have a trading platform, then you can simply sign-up for the signals.