Understanding higher timeframes can be complicated for the new trader.  However, probabilities of a successful trade increases when traders learn this simple technique.

Understanding Higher Timeframes

In this video, Gail Mercer, founder of TradersHelpDesk, reviews how easy it is to trade into a higher timeframe using the TradersHelpDesk indicators.  As you can see in the video, the congestion dot, which is built-in to the Trend ATR is one of the easiest clues for going into a retracement that has occurred on the higher timeframe.

The upcoming 2-day seminar in Greensboro, NC will focus on this concept and more, including:

• Reading Price Bars
• Learning to Identify Support & Resistance
• Identifying Trends
• Identifying Divergence Using an Oscillator
• Understanding Risk to Reward and Why It Makes a Difference
• Money Management Guidelines
• Crash Course in Forex Binary Options
• Trading High Volatile Market Reports

o Crude Oil Light
o AID Employment Rate
o Trading GBP Bank Rate
o CPI and Core CPI

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