Here are two videos that show different trade setups on the emini futures — one on the Nasdaq and one on the Russell 2000. One trade worked perfectly and the other was what Gail considers a breakeven but is a good example of how to move stops when in a live trade.

In the first video, recorded live last week, the Nasdaq futures had hidden divergence and an entry was generated. The higher timeframes indicated that the market was overextended and that price would, more likely than not, go down. While a trader could have used the higher timeframes for entry, they could also zero down in time to a lower timeframe and look for entry, as well.

In the next trade, recorded this morning, an entry was generated on the Russell 2000. This video is very important because it shows you how to move your stops or exit early when there is an impending market report (as was the case this morning). In this case, the entry was generated on the five-minute chart. The stop was moved down twice and eventually, the trade was exited because the market report would, more likely than not, trigger the stop before continuing down (which is exactly what happened).