Two different trading views — one from a serious, experienced trader and the other from one who thinks trading should be easy.  Now, I cannot even count the number of articles that I have written that state trading is a career, and, when learning a new career, it takes time to learn it. I do not and have never endorsed a get rich quick methodology. Quite the opposite. I forewarn traders that come into the trading room that it takes time. I spent over 5 years just learning to read volume correctly. Most of my clients know that it will take anywhere from 6 months to a year or more to truly understand all the aspects of volume that I do.

Two Different Trading Views

Yesterday I received two emails. One that “got” it and one that didn’t.

The one that “gets” it states:

“Gail,Different Trading Views

This is pretty much textbook correct.

  1. Volume Divergence on 45 minute NQ — lower price, decrease in selling volume and net deltas
  2. MP
  3. Buddha setup on 3 minute
  4. 3 minute chart test for sellers on retrace to ATR with divergence


Great class over the weekend.”

Now the one that doesn’t “get” it. This individual purchased about 7 months ago. His involvement with the free live trading room was minimal at best. Really never sent any questions or charts for clarifications.

“I am in need of your help. I have gone over your training materials and do not understand. I have some issues that are preventing me from understanding what I am reading, hearing, and seeing. I cannot do it. I am not able to continue down this trading path and must stop now. Would you consider a refund for all or part of the the silver program I purchased?”

My answer was:

“I am more than willing to help you understand any aspects that you are not understanding. However, I do not issue any refunds. What is the biggest issues that you are having?”

His response was:

“You’re not comprehending what I am saying. Thanks any way.”

Then yesterday he sends me this:

“You should be ashamed of yourself. Are you?”

My response:

“No, I’m not. You decided trading is too hard and it is not worth the effort. And, I should refund your money because of your decision.

Although I offered to help, you simply said I wasn’t “understanding what you were saying”. Actually, I did. It’s hard. It takes a lot of time to learn. You have to study, then study more, then study even more.

How many times did you come into the trading room and ask questions in the six month period?

How many times did you send me an email and ask me to clarify your questions?

How many times in the six month period did you send me an email with a chart with your questions?

You took no initiative to learn the materials and yet you think I should be ashamed? No, I’m not.”

Here’s a snapshot of the 12 trades that have been generated between yesterday afternoon and this morning. So there is no lack of trades. However, in order to trade these setups you have to study and learn the indicators, the entries, and the volume concepts.

Futures Trade Setups

Here’s the difference between the two:

The first one has studied. He started out with the Silver package then decided he wanted hands on training. He went to a seminar, he watched all the videos. When he had a question on a setup or volume concept, he sent me an email with the chart and his notes. And I answered him. Very few sessions has he missed — whether it was a live trading room or a special session that I scheduled for clients. He was always there, asking questions, clarifying his understanding. And he was rewarded with learning how to identify the entries, spot volume divergence on the live edge, and wait for the high probability entry.

The second one, opted for the online video training library (Silver package). Asked no questions. Sent no emails. Barely attended the free room, let alone any special sessions.

The concepts that I teach are not that difficult. However, applying those concepts on moving price and volume bars — takes time because you are having to apply the knowledge on a market that is constantly moving. You have to be able to apply it quickly and efficiently. And the only way you can do that is by practicing and studying — there are no shortcuts.