Trading EURJPY Forex PairTrend divergence is now easier than ever to identify with the new TradeStation and Multicharts Trend Div indicator by TradersHelpDesk.  This indicator easily identifies when price is making new highs and the stochastics is making lower highs (or lower lows in price and higher lows in the stochastics).

Trend Divergence Is Now Easier Than Ever

Trend divergence is typically a leading indicator and indicates that the market may be turning.  This provides a very low risk entry point for entry regardless of whether you are trading futures, forex, commodities, binary options or spreads.  Here is an example:

TradeStation and Multicharts Trend Divergence Indicator

The green dot indicates a reversal to the upside is imminent.  The magenta dot identifies a reversal to the downside is imminent.  This makes identifying typical divergence and trading opportunities really easy.   Click on the image below to see all the trend divergences on these six forex pairs (8 different divergence signals since last night):

Trend Divergence Indicator ExamplesAnd on futures, there has been nine signals.  Again, click on the image to expand.

Trend Divergence Futures

While this divergence does not always reverse the market, when it does, it gives meaning to limiting your losses and maximizing your profits.

The new TradersHelpDesk indicator is available for TradeStation and Multicharts.