The Trend ATR indicator works on all markets, futures, forex, and binary options. The entries are always the same — enter at either the ATR (plus sign) or the congestion dot (white dot). It’s simply a fabulous indicator for trading any market.

Trend ATR Works on All Markets

The TradersHelpDesk Trend ATR has so many built-in functions to make it easier for traders to identify their entries.  And, entries are simple:

  • Price is at an ATR (plus sign)
  • Price is at a congestion dot (white or yellow dot, can be changed by user)

Plus, the price actually will change colors when price is close enough (which is specified by the user) to the ATR or congestion dot to take a trade.  Additionally, the Trend ATR also plots the reversal bars and wide bar warning sign.

Gail took it one step further and added a dot to signal the entry point for those that missed any of the other signs.

Does it work on all markets?  Yes.  In this video, Gail shows you the entries on forex plus the same exact entries on the emini Dow, emini Nasdaq, and emini S&P 500.  This indicator is simply fantastic for trading any market, including binary options, futures, and forex.

You can order the indicator now for either TradeStation, Multicharts or NinjaTrader 8 for only $295.