Traders Help Desk Traders Help Desk Review has been brought to my attention (although I did find out about it while I was at the NinjaTrader conference in September) by several clients.  I debated about responding as I know it is filled with inaccuracies but people are going to say what they want.  However, after numerous emails from clients, I have opted to respond with what is true versus what are just opinions and/or deceptions.

Traders Help Desk Review on by Emmett Moore

In the video, I discuss all the points alleged in the Traders Help Desk review.  Things like I take trades in market replay yet the videos are typically posted within 10 minutes of the trade as shown on  Or my ADX, RSI and ATR is just rehashed indicators — compare them for yourself.  And, of course, the biggie — you can’t take a real trade in Nadex with both Demo and Real accounts.  Actually, you can you just need two different browsers like Chrome and Mozilla.  It’s not that hard.

Of course, Emmett Moore also says in his Traders Help Desk Review that if I could prove just “one single live trade” he would take down the bad review.  You will see at the bottom there is a live trade video recorded on October 14, 2014, when Emmett Moore was “supposedly” recording the live trading room.  He missed this trade, as well as others but then again I suspect he never recorded any video since he never emailed me until January 2015.

Customer Complaint Was Published Here First

Of course, there is the customer complaint on the Traders Help Desk review page about how I scammed him (the customer) on the Silver Package by Mark.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  I advised Mark upfront before he ever purchased that my indicators and methodology are not quick fixes.  In fact, if you even bother to read the Stocks & Commodities interview I did a few years back, I state the same thing.  Indicators do not make a trader successful.  It is the conquering of one’s own bad habits, the ability to take responsibility and look in the mirror to see what you are doing wrong that makes a trader.  Of course, anyone that reads my blog, also knew that this same customer has wrote me and said I should be “ashamed” of myself.  I posted an article for the entire world to see prior to Emmett’s review.  And my response to him was that I wasn’t.

No, I’m not.  You decided trading is too hard and it is not worth the effort.  And, I should refund your money because of your decision. Although I offered to help, you simply said I wasn’t “understanding what you were saying”.  Actuallly, I did.  It’s hard.  It takes a lot of time to learn.  You have to study, then study more, then study even more.

How many times did you come into the trading room and ask questions in the six month period?  How many times did you send me an email and ask me to clarify your questions?  How many times in the six month period did you send me an email or chart with your questions?  You took no initiative to learn the materials and yet you think I should be ashamed?  No, I’m not.

The client and I both knew the answers to the questions — ZERO.  In fact, as shown in the video below on Traders Help Desk review, I show where I specifically told the client that Traders Help Desk indicators and methodology would not be a quick fix.  It takes a lot of hard work to become a trader. TradersHelpDeskReview Video

At the bottom of the Traders Help Desk review does say that Mr. Moore wants transparency and that a good review will do wonders for my sales, I don’t need a wonder making machine for my sales.  I prefer clients that understand there are no pies in the skies or magical indicators (or account statements from others) that make you into a trader.  Instead, it is your own hard work with indicators that make logical sense to you that you can follow.


Other Accusations Which are Unfounded are Totally Inaccurate

In his TradersHelpDesk Review, Emmett Moore also states in the image below that I create the videos and trades after the fact.  Since most of my videos are in TradeStation or on Nadex, that is next to impossible to do.  First, Nadex charts and trades can only be done on the LIVE edge of the market.  You cannot capture a trade after the fact in Nadex or TradeStation.

Traders Help Desk Reveiw 1

He also points out that I use a DEMO Nadex account in one of my videos.  Since he has already claimed I “doctor” the videos to show only the best and after the market closes, if I didn’t want the DEMO there it would have been quite easy to “doctor” the video not to show it, right?  After all, according to Emmett Moore, I do that all the time.

Traders Help Desk Review Demo Video

Of course, then Emmett goes on to say that if I can show even one live trade, he would “be happy to take this review down”.  Of course, I have as you can see from the video above, yet the bogus review remains.