Trading USDCAD market report with binary optionsTrading USDCAD Market Report using binary options is the ultimate low risk trade opportunity.  Using the TradersHelpDesk indicators, which are leading indicators, identify the potential direction after the market report.  Here is an example.

Trading USDCAD Market Report Using Binary Options

The 15-minute chart below shows the USDCAD prior to the market report.  As you can see from the lines drawn on the chart, there is bearish hidden divergence, at the ATR and red range indicator.  This indicates that more likely than not the market will likely go down after the market report at 8:30.  Using the 8:00 to 10:00 am New York time binary option, a short is placed that has a risk of $18.75 per contract at the USDCAD > 1.3482 strike.

Trading USDCAD Market Report Using Binary Options

Trading USDCAD market report using binary options allowed the trader to limit risk while still participating in a volatile event.  The market report comes out and price goes down.  The profit target at $20 is filled for a total profit of $61.25 per contract.

USDCAD Binary Option Exit

While trading this using currency futures or spot forex is riskier because the market could go against the trader violently, trading USDCAD Market Report using binary options guarantees the trader cannot lose more than the $18.75 per contract regardless of how far the market may go against the trader.

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