Trading the US indices to the upside was actually identified last week as the markets started to turn.  Gail wrote about this last week because the signs were there on both the Stochastics and using price action.  However, obstacles has to be overcome (like the 45 and 180 minute ATRs).

Trading the US Indices to the Upside

Using the three minute charts on both the emini S&P 500 and emini Dow Jones, there were at least four entries into this uptrend this morning.  All of the entries were at the ATR (lowest point of risk) and all confirmed with either trend divergence or hidden divergence.

The TradersHelpDesk indicators are leading — meaning they show you in advance where price is likely to go.  As a trader, you have to be able to identify the signs and then wait for the setup.  These setups are designed to be low risk because, as a trader, if you control the risk then the profits will take care of themselves (with appropriate trade management).

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