Trading the Euro

This morning, trading the Euro Currency Futures, emphasized what I have shown for the last few weeks.  Specifically, I have showed multiple examples of both trend and counter trend trades using two timeframes.  My favorite timeframes are the 45 and 3 combination or the 180 and 12 combination.  The Euro shows perfect examples of both trend and counter trend trades.

When the 180 is trending, then you can only go in the direction of the trend.  However, once the ADX starts showing magenta, you know that you may have a counter trend trade if a peak forms (looks like a mountain top).  Make sure you click on the chart to expand.

Trading the Euro Trend and Counter Trend Trades

Notice on the 12 minute we have a beautiful entry at the ATR for a trend trade.  After the exit, there is another entry which results in a small loss.  Then we have a counter trend trade come in.  Price flips the ATR and then retests the ATR giving entry into the retracement to the ATR on the 180 minute chart.

This is a great example of the two types of trades that we take — trend and counter trend trades.  While my favorite is the counter trend trade (they generally go faster), using the THD indicators, we can easily identify when to trend trade and when to counter trend trade.  Regardless of whether you are trading the Euro Currency Futures, Spot Forex, or any other futures, the TradersHelpDesk indicators and strategies identify the lowest point of risk so you can increase your risk to reward ratio.

The THD Strategies will be available soon on a subscription only basis (either quarterly or annually) for clients that have the indicators.  Of course with our new subscription service, clients will always have the latest indicators, online training courses, and access to a weekly webinar on Mondays from 10am till noon.