Trading the AUDUSD Using Nadex Binary OptionsTrading the AUDUSD using Nadex Binary Options allows traders to limit their risk on entry but also to exit trades when market conditions change.

Trading the AUDUSD Using Nadex Binary Options – Two Trade Examples

In this video, Gail Mercer, founder of TradersHelpDesk, shows two trades – one loser and one winner both on the Nadex Binary Options.  On the first trade she exits early because price indicated a reversal against her position.  She then waits and enters another trade and is able to allow it to expire in the money.

In the first trade, a line of support has formed that should push price up.  However, later on in the trade, price bars and volume indicate that price will not continue up but will reverse and potential break out of the congestion area.  Gail exits the trade with a minimal loss.

She then waits for confirmation from price and volume that price will break thru the congestion area.  When both are confirmed she re-enters a short trade on the AUDUSD using Nadex binary options.  Her expectation was that price would break down and it did and the trade expired in the money.  Although she held until expiration, you can always exit early provided there are sufficient buyers and/or sellers for execution.

The video shows both using Nadex Binary Options chart and the TradeStation chart with the pivots lines and volume indicators.  The TradeStation chart also shows the Trend Average True Range Stop indicator as it formed the congestion area that was providing resistance for price to go down.

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