This morning in the coaching sessions we discussed trading stock options with the TradersHelpDesk ADX magenta peak. The magenta peak is a leading indicator that indicates when price should begin a retracement up to the ATR. Of course, we always go down in time to verify that the move is coming in, as well.

In the video below, Gail shows the stocks that will potentially retrace to the TradersHelpDesk ATR, including Tractor Supply (TSCO) and Whirlpool (WHR). She also shows socks that have already started the retracement and where the entry point was on these (AMD and BX).

Trading Stock Options Using ADX Peaks

The ADX magenta peaks and ATRs are unique to Gail’s trading methodology and included in the TradingView indicator and coaching subscription plan, which is only $1,395 (over $200 off the regular price) until tomorrow.

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