Trading stock options using support and resistance combined with the TradersHelpDesk indicators uses the same techniques as trading futures or forex.

In the video below, Gail shows how she traded Duke Energy after a Stochastics Divergence back up to the ATR and then reversed after the charts indicated the ATR would hold price down (act as resistance).

Additionally, Gail reviews three stocks that she received within an email (QLYS, RGA, and TGE). When analyzing the three stocks using the TradersHelpDesk indicators, she only identified a potential entry on one stock days later (TGE). The other two have not indicated an entry yet but that could change later.

For example, QLYS was right at an ATR and the Stochastics was above 80. That is not a good area to enter at. Instead, wait for the ATR to flip and a test for support before entering.

On RGA, there is overhead resistance at 154. A better entry would be if price flips the ATR and then a retest for support to ensure there is sufficient momentum for the stock to continue upwards.

Trading Stock Options Using Support and Resistance Video

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