Trading pivot highs and pivot lows is easier for new traders when using a zig zag indicator.  The Zig Zag indicator simply highlights the waves of the market by identifying the pivot highs and pivot lows.  Then the trader can identify if the market is making higher highs and higher lows (uptrend) or lower lows and lower highs (downtrend).

Trading Pivot Highs and Pivot Lows Using Zig Zag Indicator

In this video, Gail shows you how important it is to be able to read pivot highs and lows when trading.  In this example, she uses a Zig Zag indicator to highlight these critical areas and define the trend.  The trader can utilize this technique to enter an out of the money binary option or to exit their position early if the pivots are going against them.  In other words, trading pivot highs and lows using the zig zag indicator can help you identify when to exit early.