Trading out of the money binary options can limit your risk especially during a high volatile market report or the US opening.  One of the biggest issues for traders trying to identify markets that are either overbought or oversold, is at what precise moment will the market turn?  On the futures side, a trader could be stopped out multiple times before the entry makes profits.  But it is truly hard on the trader’s psychology to accept these losses, especially when he (or she) was right about the upcoming movement.  Trading out of the money binary options can help because the trader learns to focus on limiting the risk incurred versus the gains.  This is very important to learn before going into the futures markets where your risk could, in essence, be unlimited.

Trading Out of the Money Binary Options

In this short 5 minute video, Gail shows you how to identify and trade out of the money binary options using the Trend Average True Range Stop Loss indicator with the ADX indicator.  Out of the money binary options allow you to lower your risk so you can withstand the potential drawdown before the market turns in  your direction.