Trading Non-Farm Employment with forex, after I released the forex analysis video earlier, using binary options and spreads to limit my risk, allowed me to capture profits in a very volatile market.

Trading Non-Farm Employment with Forex

I identified the trades early this morning using the TradersHelpDesk indicators to show where price would likely go.  With a very volatile report like Non-Farm Employment, the markets can react violently and can go against even the best setups.  However, this is where risk management comes in.  Traders limit risk by using binary options or spreads.  This morning my trades were:

Trading Non-Farm Employment with Forex

The results (per contract) on the binary options and spreads (so far as they do not expire until 3pm and I am still holding) were:

Trading Non-Farm Employment with Forex Results Binary Options

Currently, the spreads have just over a 1:1 risk to reward ratio.  I am trying to capture a 1:2 risk to reward (meaning for every dollar of risk, I am able to capture $2 in reward).

Of course, most of the trades were identified in the video mentioned early that was released around 4:30am this morning.  This highlights the precision of the TradersHelpDesk indicators and methodology — they are leading indicators that identify where the market will likely go.

TradersHelpDesk currently offers two packages for trading Non-Farm Employment with Forex — Create Your Own and Silver Package.  Both the Create Your Own Package and Silver Package are on special this week and include the indicators, documentation, and online video training.