Trading Non-Farm Employment Change report, we have an overabundance of markets that are at extreme levels.  Retracements are likely either immediately prior to or after the Non-Farm Employment Change numbers are released at 8:30am New York time.

Trading Non-Farm Employment Change

In this video, Gail Mercer (founder of TradersHelpDesk) discusses what she sees the currency markets going prior to the Non-Farm Employment Change release. Plus, by using binary options to limit risk, currency traders can take advantage of the volatility generated by this market report.

While it would be dangerous to trade the report with spot forex, traders can utilize the binary options to limit risk and still take advantage of the volatility that is expected with the Non-Farm Employment.  In fact, since binary options have so many expirations on the forex markets, traders can stagger their options by building up daily with 2-hour binaries or even cover a potential trade using a spread.  There are so many different ways to utilize both the binaries and the spreads.

Gail did a presentation on Wednesday that showed how to do this.  Click here to watch the video.