Trading Non-Farm with binary options and spreads allows traders to limit risk when trading these high volatility reports.

Trading Non-Farm With Binary Options and Spreads

With binary options and spreads, traders can take both sides of the trades because the market can go against even the best setup.  In this case, the charts were indicating an upward move on the EURUSD, a down move on the USDJPY, an upmove on Gold, and an upward move on the USDCAD.  However, for protection, Gail did both sides of the trade using a combination of spreads with binary options.  Her risk was less than $25 on most contracts.

After the announcement, the EURUSD did move up, the USDJPY did move down, Gold moved up, but the USDCAD moved down.  As you can see in the video, because Gail limited her risk, she still managed to make profits and begins taking her profits at the end of the video.

Trading Non-Farm is easier with the right training.  If you want to learn to trade these high volatile reports with limited risk, then the Diamond Package is for you.  The Diamond Package includes all the indicators, over 25 hours of video training, plus ten hours of personal mentoring with Gail.  The personal mentoring sessions are designed specifically for your skill level and experience.