This afternoon, trading Nasdaq using ADX on a higher timeframe, results in a winning short trade because the magenta peak pushes price down to the ATR.

Trading Nasdaq Using ADX with Hidden Divergence

First, the 45 minute chart displayed a magenta peak on the ADX and the Stochastics overbought.  This indicated that price would push down to the ATR at 6771.75.  Whenever there is a magenta peak on the 45 minute chart, you have to do down to the 3 minute for entry.  Price should flip the ATR from blue to red and then retest the ATR to ensure there is resistance.  In this case, it flipped the ATR to red and retested it.  On the retest of the ATR, using the Stochastics, hidden divergence appeared coupled with a decrease in buying volume.  Entry was at 6818.50.

Trading Nasdaq Using ADX

Price moved down to the ATR on the 45 minute chart as anticipated and the exit was 3 contracts at 6766.25 and 1 contract at 6766.50.

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