Trading Nasdaq long today resulted in almost the full touch bracket width. Entry was when the ATR flipped from red to blue and then price retested for support, which held.

The closest Nadex Touch Bracket for the emini Nasdaq was 7004 – 7154. My entry price was at 7028.50. Notice the two yellow lines in the middle of the chart. If price managed to close above these areas, probabilities were that it would continue up to 7150. This is also known as a sweet spot for trading because price moves relatively fast through the area with no obstacles to overcome.

Trading Nasdaq Long 15 Minute Chart

Trading Nasdaq long today
TradingView 15 Minute Chart Nasdaq Long

Notice that the Stochastics was extremely overbought and price had moved almost the entire width of the touch bracket. I opted to bank profits ($438 per contract) instead of waiting for signs of a retracement (which came a few minutes later).

This was just another example of a trade that was identified at 6am this morning in the live coaching sessions.