Trading Nadex Spread is the topic of Gail’s two recent Youtube live events. Gail is doing more Youtube live events and, if you are subscribed to her Youtube channel, then you will receive instant notification when she goes live.  These events provide educational benefits for both new and experienced traders.

Trading Nadex Spreads – Buying

In the first live event, Gail explains the concepts of buying a spread including how to calculate the risk and reward.  She explains why you would use a spread using live examples in the Nadex Demo account.

Trading Nadex Spreads – Selling

In the second live event, Gail explains the concepts behind selling (also known as shorting) a spread.  Then towards the end of the video, she shows examples of more complex spreads by combining binaries with spreads and an example of doing an Iron Condor using multiple spread expirations.

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